Thursday, August 27, 2015

Died and gone to Comic Con 2015 Chicago

My Nephew, Ryan, insists this is our 5th Comic Con I am more like, "Naw 4th", but who cares. The Chicago venue coinsides with my Great Nephew's birthday. So we decided to make it a family trip which was a blast. But Ryan and I go there to work as much as play and spend. This year we were like two kids at Disneyland.
Niel Adams and Ryan had a lovely discussion about a mutual friend and we all entered into one of Niel's favorite topics, the influence of cameras on the last 100 years of artwork. I didn't understand his point at first knowing that artist for century's have used camera liberta and obscura to ruff sketch portraits. We took a picture of Niel checking out Ryan's latest story boards. Later that night Ryan played the webpodcast of Niel's point earlier in the day. He explained how Normal Rockwell's use of photography was called copying or cheating. Rockwell didn't care and continued to pump out signature artwork at an unprecidenent rate. He simply didn't care, because it was boring to him to see models flat footed holding positions for five or more hours limited the "action" an artist achieve.

Niel Adams and Ryan Canine

Ryan Canine talks all things comic, with Michael Golden.

We hired Michael to fulfill a young boys misspent youth, I mean Wish. To inclue drawing the micronaut in his childhood equivalent of a blankie. But not before Michael gave us a Military Discount and Ryan played name all the characters and their real names. He missed one and wormed his way on two more. We all had a blast and Ryan impressed him and me too. Not bad when you can impress one of your idols.

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