Thursday, August 27, 2015

MAD for Tom

It's no secret that I draw, paint, torch, twist, wire, melt, all kinds of things. One of these passions is caricatures. One vacation as a child took us to Canada and I watched a sketch artist for most the day. I was sure this was the job for me. But sadly my skills failed, then life really took me elsewhere.

Sketch book in hand. I've always drawn faces. Now at the dusk of my life, I have wanted to pick it back up. Not like guitar, I never played it and no matter how many guitars I buy, still no skills. Drawing was a close as I got to being good at anything. Is that sad? I digress.

So I came across Tom Richmond's drawings as a MAD fan. As I looked at the amazing skills of a bunch of talented caricaturist Tom always stood out. Hershfield too.

So when I heard Tom would be at a booth in Chicago at Comic Con, I was elated. Being shameless, Marketing degree to prove it, I drew Tom's blog logo on a T'shirt. Then debated if I should or shouldn't wear it when I went to his booth. I mean I understand the stalking laws less clear on the Nerd gauge.  Maybe he would laugh maybe he would serve copyright law on me. So I sought out  his booth and there he was, MAD's wicked caricature artist.

So I'm having to suppress my Nerd from bubbling up. He was drawing some amazing sketch and he looked up. It's important to note he has big blue eyes and I blurted out something stupid, but once he saw my shirt he smiled. His wife Anna asked if she could take a picture of my shirt as her kids wouldn't believe it. Kind of a fun surprise. So I got on the "quick sketch" list and was one of the last of the day.

With so much going on I flowed with the crowd enjoying the sights, booths, and costumes. I checked back a few hours later and found a crack in between booths and watched as Tom drew three to four commissions. If I was a fan before I am even  more now. His confidence really is only compared to when my Niece Elyse plays the piano. Her fingers fly over the keys and music appears. Tom's movements are like that. He is so talented as I watched for about an hour my feet never once complained and I had been on the cement for six hours at this point. Adrenaline.

When it came time for my portrait he pulled the previously taken photo up on his ipad and started with my nose. And in a whirlwind of strokes and lines he nailed my likeness. I loved it all the way through. Both Tom and the Lovely Anna were a delight. She fed him snacks so he could continue the machine like precision and volume of caricatures he pumped out. I am thrilled and honored to have been one of them.

Best Comic Con Ever!

Look at the guns on this dude. Look at my nerd face. 

I kept explaining that I wasn't a stalker but more excitable fan like. 

Here he is drawing me with those guns. Using those blues.

He's a machine, seriously he pumped out amazing stuff every 10 to 15 minutes. I'm so in awe of his skills.

Well I met an Idol and it was awesome. I have met other Idols and this is the first time I walked away more a fan than less. Just saying.

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