Sunday, July 9, 2017

Dead Eyes Man

So I keep People Magazine in the studio for caricature references. This sad sad attempt is of Rob Kardasian. For my skill level it's fair. It just doesn't look like him. But hey I'm getting there. What is prompting me to write words on my blog, which is rare, is how dead this guys eyes are. I drew from the cover where he is with his pregnant girlfriend. Way before she gave birth and moved out on Christmas eve, and before his now infamous revenge porn twitter diarrhea restraining order inducing forage into how to make a bad situation worse.

I remember going to my Grandparents farm and looking into a cows eyes and they don't really look back at you like dogs and cats do. He has that same vacant look. Just saying.

Now for some noses.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

He grabs the very Catness

Its not just attitude its their personality, their essence its their Catness he grabs on top of everything else.

I've meet someone

It is no secret Tom Richmond has long been my object of artistic obsession. Still is, however my work with animal fund raising has led me to my new 2017 (first obsession of the year).......
Mr. Georg Williams.
No e.
Please take a moment to enjoy what I have gravitated to as my favorites , out of a prolific career,  as ludicrous at that claim can be in this instance.

OMG made me smile and happy to be alive category.

  Whose a Good Boy

Yes he does the more feline purrrsuasion.
 If you have ever had a cat, you know this look. 

So my goal is to capture the essence of animals like Tom captures people's and Georg has immortalized these animals. Of course keeping my own unique style which is inexperience. But like Neil Adams said tracing is the poor mans art school. No quotations cuz I paraphrased but It was a conversation I had with him first hand.